Why Use a Consultant

Innovation, resolve and fortitude are key to operating in difficult environments.  The Professional Security Consultant is effective and productive when the harsh conditions are a constant distraction and lack of resources demand creative solutions to basic needs whether in war torn South Sudan war or the tribal areas of Iraq.


When an “off the shelf” solution is not available the Security Consultant MUST show leadership with a confident “can do” attitude and the experience find a way to achieve the aim.


Writing Evacuation Plans in the stifling heat of a tent, erecting a radio tower in sandstorm conditions, wading for 70km through the Nile swamps carrying food and clean water to a stranded South Sudanese security team and resolving an armed standoff between Yemeni tribesmen in a dispute over used drums. These situation are not foreign to the Security Consultant.


What We Do Best

Security Auditing – Ensuring that security at a single site or across the project is commensurate to the threat, preventative measures are effective, response procedures are in place and all facets of security are developed to the required standards.


Project Start-up – Compiling Threat and Risk Assessment, Procedure and Emergency Response documentation. Identifying and sourcing security resources. Implementing security management procedures and practices, ensuring sound security as the project develops.


Site Security Planning – Determining the level of threat and mitigations necessary to secure a site are; practical, effective and cost sensitive.

Security Management – Coordination of the various security elements on an ongoing basis or event specific e.g. evacuation or part of an incident response.


Key Offerings

  • Twenty years of experience providing successful security solutions to International Oil Companies
  • In some of the most challenging environments.
  • Specializing in the development of Security Management Systems, implementing Security Procedures and Physical Security Measures.
  • Unflinchingly represents the clients’ best interests.
  • Procedures and Physical Security Measures.


When Security Measures are already in place and quality assurance is required Principal Protection has the Audit Training, Experience and Incident Investigation Expertise to ensure the Client has complete and accurate information.


There should be no compromise in the end result; a secure environment where the company can get on with its business.



Integrity, Knowledge, Experience, Results.

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