Principal Protection has been providing international security consulting to the petroleum industry since 1996.  Since then the global situation has changed a great deal.  For many Canadian companies operating internationally prior to the 1990’s security was almost an afterthought; the primary approach was fences, guards and alarms.  When seven Canadians working for United Pipeline were taken hostage in Ecuador, Canadian companies started to rethink their approach and commitment to security.


Security threats to the extractive industries operating in unstable regions have increased and diversified. As companies search for petroleum or mineral reserves they now consider operating in areas that pose great risk and need to be secured before exploration can take place.


Regions once considered acceptably safe have changed. Dramatic political shifts have occurred in North Africa and the Middle East. Even Eastern Europe has become increasingly unstable.  Local, regional and global threats affect every operation.  Each of these threats must be correctly identified, evaluated, mitigated and an action plan prepared to deal with a security event.


Several prominent international laws, conventions and agreements must be considered in addition to the laws of the host nations.  Implementing security plans without adequate appreciation for these laws and conventions can leave a company and its executives exposed to legal ramifications, vilification by the media, public derision, loss of shareholder and insurer confidence and reluctance by industry professionals to be involved with the company. Depending on the severity of the deemed negligence executives could even be incarcerated, as has happened on occasion.


This is not an attempt overstate the impact but rather weigh it against the steps to be taken to avoid these outcomes.


Dedicated to ensuring security solutions provided to clients are:


  • Threat appropriate
  • Cost effective
  • Client specific


From assisting the client preparing sound security policy, practices and operating procedures to training indigenous security personnel or developing viable emergency planning, the interests of the client are foremost.



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